The Truancy Intervention Program is all about giving students a chance to turn things around and not just get lost in the system.

Truancy isn’t just a case of “playing hooky.” It can be the first step towards a not-so-great path, and we’re here to say, “Not on our watch!” Northern Hills Diversion is here to help students and families get a grip on this whole truancy thing.

Truancy for is any kid under 18 deciding to take an unscheduled vacation from school without a heads-up. And if that happens five times – well, that’s when we team up with the State’s Attorney’s Office to sort things out.

What’s our secret weapon? We’re not all about slapping fines or dragging folks to court. Nope, we’re diving deep into the reasons behind truancy and being a lifeline to the services and support that can make a real difference.

See, truancy isn’t just a one-off thing; it’s often a sign of something bigger going on. We’re not satisfied with just skimming the surface – we’re going deep to tackle the real issues. Whether it’s problems at home, money stuff, or personal struggles, we’re rolling up our sleeves to help out. We’re walking alongside students and families, showing them the ropes to connect with the resources that can turn things around. Because education is the key to unlocking a future full of potential.

How Does it Work?

During the semester, the youth involved in the program get to meet regularly in a school setting. At first, it’s every week, but if the students are doing well and making progress, they might have the option of switching to meetings every other week. It’s kind of like a flexible approach tailored to each student’s performance.

These meetings are designed to offer support and guidance. Think of it as a chance for these young individuals to discuss their goals, challenges, and achievements with the program coordinators. It’s all about helping them stay on the right track and succeed in their journey toward making better choices.

So, whether it’s weekly or bi-weekly, these sessions are there to ensure that the youth are getting the help and attention they need to make positive changes in their lives. It’s all about supporting them throughout the semester.

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